We know about 31 deaths of children in seven settlements – prosecutor

31 children killed in seven settlements (Bucha, Irpin, Gostomel, Borodyanka, Nemishayevo, Piskivka, Kotsyubynske), another 19 children were injured, the fate and whereabouts of one child are still unknown.

These figures were anounced by the lower from Bucha Prosecutor’s Office in his interview for one of the Ukrainian media.

“I can confidently say that all the children were killed or injured intentionally, as the military of the Russian Armed Forces deliberately fired on evacuation vehicles with the inscription children and white flags, deliberately fired on residential buildings.

One case has been identified, it is about boy who was shot while he and his father were riding bicycles. The boy was shot in the head, although they saw that he was a child. We have not found any similar cases on the territory of Bucha OTG, but we can say that the Russian military deliberately shot evacuation cars with children.

A well-known case of Kateryna, who tried to evacuate from Vorzel with her parents and younger brother. Doctors managed to save the girl. A similar tragedy happened to little Sofia – the Russian military deliberately fired on the car in which she was with her parents. The girl’s mother died. One more girl who was evacuated from Gostomel and injured. Her mother also died… These are known cases that have appeared in the media, but there are many similar accidents. I have already told you about a mother with two children who were buried in a mass grave. That is, children died either during the shelling of evacuation vehicles, or during the shelling of residential buildings”.

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