Russian soldiers’ crimes against children: two boys and their mother were killed in Bucha

The Chikmarevs moved from Donetsk after there war started to Bucha. Alexander, has wife Margarita and their two sons, Matthew and Klim lived in the basement for a long time when the Russian  invadors entered the town.

The family decided to evacuate, quickly gathered the essentials, and got into the car with the children. However, they did not even manage to leave the city.

“We didn’t have time to drive even a few minutes when I saw the Russian BMPs. The shelling started immediately. One BMP was standing in front – from where the shots were fired, the other behind and a little to the side. Everything happened instantly, no warning shot up, no conversations. back seats, look at Rita and the children – the children were already lying dead, Rita told me something else and that was all, she was already dead, “- tells Alexander for Suspilne.

He himself was wounded. Later, his leg was amputated.

“Our neighbor took the bodies of the children and Rita and buried them near the church, which situated in front of our house. He managed to do it only in a week, because they were afraid to go to the place of execution,” – said the father of the killed children.

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